How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Australia?

Complete Price Guide on Hiring Professional Service

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost

If you’re wondering what’s the going rate for professional carpet cleaning services, you’ve come to the right place. Getting those stubborn stains, embedded dirt, and musty smells out of your carpeting can really freshen up your home. But before calling in the pros, it’s good to know how much carpet cleaning costs.

On average, you can expect to pay between $30 and $50 per room for standard carpeted floor care. Stairs and hallways are often charged separately at around $20 to $30 per flight or hallway. The overall price is estimated on a per square metre basis, which often ranges from $2 to $5 per square metre.

Why Regularly Cleaned Carpeting Matters

Before we dive into specifics on cost, it’s important to understand why routine service is recommended by all major carpet manufacturers. Here are some top reasons to clean carpeted floors every 12 to 18 months:

  • Removes abrasive soils to extend carpet lifespan
  • Lifts allergy triggers like dust mites, pet dander, pollen
  • Protects indoor air quality for healthier home
  • Deters mould/bacteria growth with hot water extraction
  • Prevents dull, worn out appearance from traffic patterns

When dirt and allergens become embedded, they grind down on fibres with footsteps. Regular care from professional cleaners preserves quality and appearance over years of use.

Average Cost of Carpet Cleaning at a Glance

Here is an overview of average prices nationwide, which we further break down by major metro areas later on:

Per room$30 to $50
Stairs / Hallways$20 to $30
Per square metre$2 to $5


Here’s a detailed breakdown of average price based on home size:

Minimum Prices

Carpeted AreaAverage Minimum Price
1 Bedroom Unit$80
2-3 Bedroom Apartment$120
2-3 Bedroom House$150
4 Bedroom Home$180
5+ Bedroom Home$200

Maximum Prices

Carpeted AreaAverage Maximum Price
1 Bedroom Unit$150
2-3 Bedroom Apartment$200
2-3 Bedroom House$300
4 Bedroom Home$400
5+ Bedroom Home$500+


What Impacts the Cost of Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Like many services, several factors come into play when determining the price to pay. Rates can vary quite a bit between minimum and maximum rates. The main elements that influence price include:

Size of Carpeted Area

Larger homes with expansive wall-to-wall carpeting will fall on the pricier side. More rooms and bigger rooms equal more time and cleansing solutions invested to get carpets sparkling clean. As a general rule, 5+ bedroom homes cost $250 and up.

Type of Carpet Fibres

The fibre type plays a role since certain fabrics need special care. Wool carpeting is more expensive to clean than synthetic fibres like nylon or polyester. However, wool’s natural resistance means it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often.


Heavily soiled high-traffic areas require extra work to lift out embedded dirt, tough stains, allergens and residue. Pre-treating spots and marks before the main clean can also add cost.

Methods Used

Truck-mounted steam cleaning (hot water extraction) is the gold standard endorsed by major manufacturers. But other methods like encapsulation and bonnet cleaning tend to cost less. We compare the pros and cons of different methods below.

Average Cost of Carpet Cleaning in Major Australian Cities

Here is an overview of average rates you can expect to pay in major metro areas:

CityPer RoomStairs / Hallways3 Bed Home5 Bed Home
Sydney$40 – $55$25 – $35$180-$250$300+
Melbourne$35 – $50$20 – $30$160-$220$280+
Brisbane$30 – $45$15 – $25$140-$200$260+
Perth$30 – $50$20 – $30$150-$220$280+
Adelaide$25 – $40$15 – $25$120-$180$240+


*Higher-end prices may apply for luxury wool or heavily soiled carpets needing extensive pre-treatment.

As you can see, Sydney and Melbourne tend to be the priciest cities with rates up to 20% higher on average. Adelaide and Brisbane are generally the most affordable metro areas to hire professional cleaners.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Pro Carpet Care Is a Worthy Investment

A) Steam Extraction

This method shoots hot water under high pressure into carpets along with a cleansing solution. It then immediately extracts the dirty water and rinses carpet fibres. It usually takes longer to dry but offer a thorough clean other methods can’t provide. This is one of the many benefits of using steam.

B) Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning applies an absorbent compound to the fibers that draws out dirt without using water. After it sets for 20 minutes, it lifts away dirt as it’s vacuumed up. This method dries fast but doesn’t clean as deep.

C) Encapsulation

This uses crystal agents that break down dirt and lift smudges to the surface as they dry. The crystals are then removed by vacuuming, taking the dirt with them. There’s fast drying but less removal of allergens.

D) Bonnet

This method uses absorbent cotton pads under rotating brush machines to lift dirt to the surface. Residue gets left behind. It’s fast, affordable, and good for maintenance care between deep cleans.

E) Shampoo Cleaning

Shampoo with brushes agitates fibres, surrounds dirt and makes it easier to vacuum up. But it can leave a soapy residue that attracts soil faster. Rinsing well afterwards is key. Dries fast and is budget friendly.

F) Rug Cleaning

Hand washing is preferred for wool or delicate rugs. Other rugs can be cleaned right on floors with the same steam extraction machines. Costs depend on rug size and material.

Additional Services

On top of the standard services, companies offer add-ons for an extra fee:

  • Stain removal: $5 to $15 per stain
  • Sanitising treatments: $20 to $30 per room
  • Deodorisers: $10 to $25 per room
  • Pet treatments: $15 to $30 per room
  • Fabric protection: $1 to $3 per square metre

Spots and spills pre-treatment and pet odour elimination can make a huge difference.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Overview

Renting equipment and buying solutions to DIY-clean floors can save over pro services. Here’s an overview:

  • Rug Doctor machine rental: Around $50 per day
  • Washing solutions: $20 to $40 per bottle
  • Handheld carpet cleaners: $80 to $200 to purchase

DIY is more labour-intensive. It may require going over areas twice to get the desired results. This method has longer dry times too.

What to Ask When Hiring a Pro Carpet Cleaner

To choose the best company to hire, ask the right questions.

  • What method do you use?
  • Do you offer stain removal or pet treatments?
  • Do you move furniture or should it be cleared?
  • How long will it take to dry?
  • What’s included in your service warranty?

Clarify upfront pricing. Confirm there are no hidden fees and ask for references from past clients.


How much does it cost per room to have carpets cleaned?

Between $30 to $50 per room is average. High-traffic areas may cost more. Hallways and stairs are often extra.

What is the cheapest method to clean carpeted floors?

Bonnet and shampoo cleaning tend to be most budget-friendly. But they don’t deep clean as effectively as steam extraction.

What is the cheapest way to clean carpeting?

Renting machines and solutions for DIY use can save 50% or more over pro services. But it’s more labour-intensive.

Tips to Save on Cost

  • Seek new customer specials where available
  • Book during fall or winter slow periods to save 10% to 20%
  • Ask about bundling carpet care with upholstery cleaning and other services
  • Clean high-traffic areas more often to limit costs of deep clean
  • Clean your own carpeting for rooms in good condition


Regular professional carpet cleaning costs between $30-$250 per room on average. Several factors affect the price such as size and soil level of your floors. While an investment, hiring professional carpet cleaners pays for itself through improved appearance, healthier air quality and odour removal. It also makes covered floors last longer. Taking time to find an established company will ensure excellent service. Remember to have your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months to keep them looking their best. Clean carpets provides enjoyment and adds value to your property for years to come.