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Expert Care for Upholstered Furnishings

Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne

Regular upholstery cleaning keeps your family healthier. As you sit on your fabric couch or dining room chair each day, you leave behind skin cells and body oils. Dust mites and other allergens move in to feed on these particles. Letting them build up makes it harder to breathe for anyone with allergies or asthma.

Our professional upholstery care can safely clean all types of fabrics. We bring steam cleaning products and special equipment to your home. Our team deep cleans while your upholstered furniture stays put. We use steam, stain removers, and powerful suction to pull out years of embedded dirt particles from deep in the padding. This removes what you can’t reach with home vacuuming. It also clears away the cause of allergies and odours. Freshly cleaned upholstery looks brand new again while improving your indoor air.

Don’t wait until your upholstered sofa and lounge is completely dirty and worn out.

Call 03 8899 7550 today to schedule an appointment. Our trained technicians will come to your home to clean and refresh upholstered furnishings. We offer reasonable prices and guarantee your satisfaction.

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Our 6-Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

  1. Inspect – Check for stubborn stains, damage, or issues that need more attention.
  2. Pre-Treat – Apply solution to dirty areas to break down tough grime.
  3. Deep Clean – Use hot water extraction to deep clean down to the fibre.
  4. Deodorise – Apply a light deodoriser for a fresh smell.
  5. Fabric Protection – Apply a protective and invisible barrier to repel stains.
  6. Final Inspection – Walk through the cleaned area to ensure customer satisfaction.

As a final step, we use hospital-grade disinfectants to get rid of germs.

Benefits of Upholstery Professional Cleaners

Expert chair and couch steam cleaning makes your family more comfortable and healthy. It removes allergens and pet dander without harsh chemicals. You won’t sneeze as much. Special care helps get rid of odours from spills and pets. Your furniture will look brand new and last longer. This will save you money from buying new ones. Kids and pets can play without getting dirty. Your family can relax on fresh, clean furnishings.

Common Types of Upholstery Fabrics We Clean

  • Delicate silks
  • Sturdy canvases
  • Rich leathers
  • Soft microfibers
  • Durable polyesters
  • Scotchguard fabrics
  • Antique and vintage
  • Chaise lounges
  • Microsuede sofas
  • Natural fibre

Our Services

Expert Tips for Maintaining Clean and Fresh Upholstery

We offer complete cleaning and care for a wide range of fabrics and furniture:

  • Furniture – fabric sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, lounge cleaning
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning
  • Fabric protection
  • Stain and odour removal
  • Scotchguard protection
  • Microfibre
  • Cotton, wool and silk
  • Heavily soiled fabric and leather couch
  • Fine antique chairs
  • Car interiors

Why Choose Us

  • 10+ years expertise
  • Trained and experienced technicians
  • Quick online booking
  • Flexible 24/7 appointment times
  • Transparent pricing
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Service Areas

We service residential and commercial clients across greater Melbourne:

  • CBD
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Inner North
  • Western Suburbs
  • Northern Suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs
  • Bayside Suburbs

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