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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne

Tiled floors can become stained and damaged from heavy use and exposure. Made of porous materials, grouts easily trap dirt, bacteria, mould, and mildew. Left untreated, tiled surfaces become stained and discoloured permanently. Professional tile and grout cleaning services remove pollutants and restore appearance.

Our certified technicians use specialised techniques to deep clean floors. We apply industrial-strength cleaners to remove built-up grime from the pores of the grout. After thorough scrubbing, high-pressure water rinsing is used to extract all traces of dirt.

Clean tile and grout last longer. They require less frequent repairs and replacements too.

Invest in professional cleaning today.

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Our 7-Step Cleaning Process

  1. Inspection – Inspect porous tile and grout to identify problem areas or special cleaning needs. Different types like ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone require customised methods.
  2. Surface Preparation – Lay down drop cloths or mask off baseboards to protect surrounding surfaces. Set up ventilation when using harsh chemical cleaners.
  3. Grout Scrubbing – Pre-treat and scrub grouts with brushes and cleaning products. A steam cleaner helps release built-up grime.
  4. Washing – Wash with cleaning solutions suited to the material. Use a pressure washer or steam cleaner or manually scrub to remove stubborn dirt and stains.
  5. Rinsing – Rinse thoroughly all surfaces with clean water to remove any traces of cleaning residues.
  6. Extraction and Drying – Use high-powered wet vacuums to fully extract rinse water. Allow to dry completely.
  7. Sealing – Optional protective sealant can be applied to grout lines to prevent future staining and damage.

Our Services

We offer a range of grout and tile cleaning and restoration services:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Grout sealing and re-sealing
  • Tile stripping and wax removal
  • Repair and regrouting
  • Polishing and restoration
  • Colour sealing
  • Shower cleaning and sealing
  • Natural stone washing
  • Maintenance programs

Types of Surfaces We Clean


  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Natural stone (granite, marble, travertine, limestone)
  • Concrete
  • Saltillo
  • Shower walls and floors
  • Bathtubs
  • Glass shower doors and surfaces


  • Lobby floors/walls
  • Restaurant kitchen floors
  • Grocery store floors
  • Office restrooms
  • Healthcare facility floors
  • School floors

Price of Professional Grout and Tile Cleaning

No More Dirty Lines with Pro Strategies for Tile and Grout Cleaning

Minimum Call Out: $99

Average Price Ranges

Residential Tiles

  • Small area (less than 150 sq ft): $99 – $299
  • Medium area (150-400 sq ft): $300 – $599
  • Large area (400+ sq ft): $600+

Commercial Tiles 

  • High traffic restaurant floor: $1500+
  • Grocery store floors: $3000+
  • Office building common restrooms: $800+

Grout Sealing/Repair Prices

  • Resealing grout lines only: $1-$2 per linear foot
  • Regrouting small area: $300+
  • Epoxy regrouting: $6-$12 per linear foot

Call 03 8899 7550 for a free quote for your specific cleaning needs. Prices vary based on sq footage, tile type, and current condition.

What is Tile Sealing?

Sealing is applying a protective coating. This waterproofs the porous surface, preventing stains from penetrating deep down. Sealing makes it easier to clean and maintain tile floors. It provides an added layer of protection, extending its life and appearance. Sealing is especially important for grout, which is highly porous.

What is Tile Stripping?

Stripping removes all old layers of sealers, finishes, waxes, and contaminants from tile surfaces. Over time these build up and cause floors to appear cloudy and worn. Stripping deep cleans the original surface so it can accept a new protective sealant. Stripping effectively restores tiling to a like-new condition. It rejuvenates the colour and sheen.

Why Choose Us

  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Upfront pricing
  • Flexible booking – 24/7
  • All work guaranteed
  • Fully licensed and insured

Service Locations

  • Northern Suburbs: Brunswick, Coburg, Preston
  • Eastern Suburbs: Box Hill, Ringwood, Croydon
  • Southern Suburbs: Brighton, Sandringham, Frankston
  • Western Suburbs: Footscray, Sunshine, Werribee

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